Black & LGBTQ

Globally, many of the folks rallying & organizing against anti-Blackness & state sanctioned violence are Black queer people. Still, year after year we see our trans, gender non conforming, & woman identified sibs go without the justice or attention they deserve from America to Brazil. Protests are often a site of violence that mutes the experiences of our communities & instead highlights the men we have lost; specifically cis, heterosexual, men. Just as in life where oppression olympics is harmful & silences the challenges of specific communities, death olympics is debilitating. Still, we have the capacity to organize, uplift, protest, demand change, & to demand accountability for the loss of ALL Black lives.

Instead, the narratives of Black women (across gender identities, gender expressions, and sexualities), GNC or NB folks, and Black GQT men who have been murdered by violence & police violence get drowned out in protests, have low turnouts when events are organized specifically for them, go without the media attention or justice they deserve, & are often left out of social media or interpersonal discourse. In our collective rage we have to say her name, his name, & their name. Revolt in their memory. Protest in their memory. Demand change in their memory.

To honor the lives of Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Nina Pop, & countless others folks have taken to the streets in protest. Black people shouldn’t have to continuously demand respect for our humanity, but here we are. If physically participating, please be sure to practice social distancing, take extra safety measures, and center your well being as the Covid pandemic has been especially heartbreaking in Black LGBTQ communities.

If participating in spirit, please don’t forget to take social media breaks, create, go to your altar, or do something that feeds your spirit. Psychological, spiritual, emotional, or physical stress makes us more susceptible to illnesses. We’re fighting for our lives on so many fronts but we still matter. All of our Black lives matter, regardless of sexual orientation, gender, class, or ability.

This is a solemn time but for Pride month you’ll find various articles that encompass the balance of identities within the Black LGBTQ experience, intimacy during distress, & our contributions below:

Blackness Before Queerness


Black, Queer, Love

Why Does Freedom Have to be Layered

As always, I hope that this post has been nourishing for you. Please continue to take care of yourself and hold our communities in your rage, healing, and grief.

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