Through her online platform, BlackQueerMagic, Vee does outreach, donates, and engages with community members from across the world. Vee has a background in Community Organizing with Color of Change, BYP100, CTWO, and Bay Area Black Worker Center. Their passion for DEI, advocacy, and centering Black LGBTQ people shines through in her jewelry and in whatever she puts her mind to.

Vee has done interviews with Huff Post and See Change Mag on racial equity, speaking engagements with the Women’s Jewelry Association on Deconstructing Gender in Jewelry at its intersections, and presented research with Ethel’s Club. Vee has been published by the Journal of Gay & Lesbian Social Services on LGBTQ-inclusivity.

Vee is available for Speaking Engagements, Academic Research, LGBTQ Competency Training, and Interviews .

Photo by WithASeries.

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