VBM, LMSW (she/they) has been a self taught jeweler for 5 years. With BQMNY LLC, V offers handmade jewelry and workshop facilitations to aid in the adornment and reclamation of Black LGBTQ bodies. They began their journey with wire wrapping and ascended to lapidary, electroforming, metal smithing, and jewelry design facilitation. V was the artist in residence at The Future MPLS Artist Residency in July 2018 where they offered programming for the Black LGBTQ community. She has also been featured in Huffington Post, Glamour, Them, and Buzzfeed. Lastly, V has vended at over 40 events including Allied Media Conference and National LGBTQ Task Force’s Creating Change Conference. To find more of V’s work please click below:

Photos courtesy of @crimson_fig, @dammit_oskar, @blissfulstupor, @giselle.grapples, @thenuuyawker

Brass & Copper are durable alloys that can last a lifetime. Additionally, they elevate the properties of crystals, with Copper being proven to have beneficial physical and spiritual healing effects. Brass & Copper heat at double the temperature of Silver and Gold but are very sturdy. 

These pieces are created with every day wear in mind. V’s design preference and way of life is minimalist in essence. Minimalism highlights the pure beauty of a piece without the extras. Silver is incredibly durable and requires very little maintenance. It also heats at a low temperature, making it easy to work with.

V has created custom pieces ranging from engagement rings to mother’s day gifts. She’ll be happy to create a custom order with your choice of materials and designs. Please email contact@bqmny.com with measurements and preferences before placing your order. Payment plans are available.